Cred Protocol x Krebit: Creditworthiness Credentials

Cred Protocol
2 min readJan 26, 2023

Today Cred Protocol is announcing its partnership with Krebit. Users of Krebit will now be able to claim a verifiable credential to demonstrate that their wallet has a score that is ‘Good’ or better. This partnership will allow DeFi users to demonstrate their creditworthiness as part of their reputation.

We believe that bringing together reputation and creditworthiness is an important step to unlocking fair and scalable access to credit within DeFi. As projects and protocols build understanding of the reputation and creditworthiness of their users, they will have a greater ability to build capital efficient products that serve the needs of all.

By integrating the Cred Protocol score credential to Krebit’s portable reputation passport, DeFi users can signal their good credit score to other DeFi apps and protocols, to get better access to product features, larger loans at better prices and ultimately unlock greater capital efficiency on their crypto-collateralized loans.

Everyone is aware of the opportunity that under collateralized lending represents in web3, but in order to seize this opportunity, web3 will need to improve the rigor around reputation and identity and the associated fields of KYC and AML. Using verifiable credentials and wallet data as part of a layered Credit Decisioning system will give lenders the ability to accurately assess risk and build a wider variety of risk adjusted products.

About Cred

Cred Protocol provides credit risk management infrastructure that quantifies on-chain lending risk at scale. Leveraging enterprise grade data ingestion pipelines, we train machine learning models on data generated across chain (Ethereum, Celo) and across protocol (Aave, Compound, Teller). Our credit services are available via web API and Chainlink-based credit oracles. To learn more about Cred Protocol, visit or follow along on Twitter at @cred_protocol.

About Krebit is an open identity verification protocol, DAO and marketplace for Web3 Verifiable Credentials. Verifiable-Reputation blockchain passports like can become an infrastructure layer for DeFi apps using the protocol to conduct decentralized KYC/AML, restrict access to adult content and prevent sybil fake accounts.



Cred Protocol

Cred Protocol is a decentralized credit score that quantifies on-chain lending risk at scale using open, fair and transparent blockchain data.