Cred Protocol x Quadrata: A passport for reputation and identity in web3

Cred Protocol
2 min readJan 3, 2023

Cred Protocol is excited to announce its partnership with Quadrata, powering their Identity passport with our credit score.

Quadrata has created a non-transferable NFT Passport that brings together identity, compliance, and reputation to enable broader financial services in the web3 space. By leveraging Cred’s credit score, Quadrata is enabling their users to attach their on-chain transaction history to their passport, including creditworthiness as part of their web3 identity.

The turbulence of recent weeks has shown that more than ever, there is a need for individuals and businesses to have awareness and appreciation of risk within the ecosystem. Cred believes that solutions that enable trust and transparency will be critical to increasing those levels of understanding within the community.

The partnership between Cred & Quadrata will give founders and institutions confidence that they are onboarding users with a strong reputation; whilst preserving the privacy, data security and pseudonymity of those with a Quadrata Passport.

We believe that bringing together identity and creditworthiness is an important step to unlocking fair and scalable access to credit within DeFi. As projects and protocols build understanding of the reputation and creditworthiness of their users, they will have a greater ability to build capital efficient products that serve the needs of all.

About Cred

Cred Protocol provides credit risk management infrastructure that quantifies on-chain lending risk at scale. Leveraging enterprise grade data ingestion pipelines, we train machine learning models on data generated across chain (Ethereum, Celo) and across protocol (Aave, Compound, Teller, Moola Market). Our credit services are available via web API and Chainlink-based credit oracles. To learn more about Cred Protocol, visit or follow along on Twitter at @cred_protocol.

About Quadrata

Quadrata is a passport network bringing the identity and compliance layer to DeFi applications on existing public blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon. Smart contract applications will be able to leverage Quadrata’s technology to natively access KYC/AML status, country of residence as well as credit reputation and accredited investor status of Quadrata passport holders in the future. To learn more about Quadrata, visit or follow along on Twitter at @QuadrataNetwork.

Want to Partner with us?

The DeFi community is beginning to harness the power of credit scoring in many ways. Cred’s scores are already being used to inform lending decisions, qualify access to products and services, prioritize reward and incentives, and contribute to web 3 soul-bound identity tokens.

If this article has motivated you to build using the Cred Protocol credit score, you can join the waiting list for our BETA here.

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Cred Protocol

Cred Protocol is a decentralized credit score that quantifies on-chain lending risk at scale using open, fair and transparent blockchain data.