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3 min readSep 20, 2022


Cred Protocol’s launching a distributed app (dapp) to give everyone with an active ethereum account, a credit score. We help people understand their score and how to improve it, opening new opportunities to access DeFi products.

Want to find out your web3 Credit Score? Preview to the launch of Cred Protocol’s new Dapp

What is Cred’s web3 Credit Score?

A DeFi credit score measures the creditworthiness of an account based on its on-chain web3 footprint. By ingesting a wide variety of data points from across the spectrum of on-chain activity, Cred is able to assess the behavior of an account, and generate a score regardless of whether a wallet has interacted with a lending protocol before.

There are over 85m active Ethereum wallets, but at the moment only a very small number have ever taken a DeFi loan, and demonstrated credit worthiness via repayment performance. By looking at factors beyond just repayment performance, Cred is able to score every account and quantify risk at scale.

Providing this granular assessment of risk is key to unlocking access to credit in DeFi. Our score enables our customers to understand their existing users better, improve qualification of new users, and offer improved customer experience as users can be offered products and services best suited to their risk profile.

The Dapp

Cred Protocol built a decentralized application (Dapp) to provide individuals with the ability to view their own credit score by simply connecting their wallet. Once someone has their score, the Dapp describes the key factors that inform the score and provides suggestions about how to improve.

While Cred Protocol is first and foremost a credit risk platform that provides an API and Oracle to enable businesses to make risk-based decisions and personalized product experiences, through our Dapp we wanted to illustrate what a consumer credit scoring experience could look and feel like.

Once a wallet is connected to the Dapp, a user will be able see what their overall score is, and where that score ranks relative to all other Ethereum wallets. The user will also be able to see how their score has changed over time, in line with their developing on chain activity.

The Dapp also displays the range of credit factors that go into a users credit score, this transparency enables users to understand what influences their credit score, and what they can do to improve it. We believe that individuals are empowered to improve their access to credit over time, and the DeFi community will be able to build products that best suit the needs of their customers.

Finally, the Dapp includes a Credit Report, providing a visual snapshot of an account’s current holdings across assets, deposits, collateral and debt, as well as showing how these values have moved over time. Surfacing this data alongside the credit score, allows the user to contextualize how their transactional record impacts their credit score, and identify behaviors that can improve it. -

Future work and upcoming posts

We’ll be announcing the launch itself in the coming weeks and showcasing how the DeFi community is already utilizing the power of credit scoring, and exploring the potential future use cases.

Launching the dapp is just one step in our mission to bring Defi lending to 1 billion people. Over the next few months we’ll be improving our core credit scoring model and credit reports with more data, and expanding our capabilities. We are building a risk platform that includes a holistic suite of products from Sanctions & Fraud Recognition, Credit Monitoring & Portfolio Management, and Protocol Credit Rating.

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Cred Protocol

Cred Protocol is a decentralized credit score that quantifies on-chain lending risk at scale using open, fair and transparent blockchain data.