The Cred Protocol dApp is Live! Get your web3 Credit Score

Cred Protocol
4 min readSep 28, 2022

See your web3 Credit Score with the Cred Protocol dApp. Anyone with an active Ethereum account can get a score. We help people understand their score, give tips on how to improve it, and open new opportunities to access DeFi products.

Today we’re excited to officially launch the Cred Protocol Credit Score dApp (decentralized application). If you own one of the 85m active Ethereum accounts, you now have a score!

Cred Protocol is first and foremost a credit risk platform that provides a suite of APIs and an Oracle to enable businesses to make risk-based decisions and personalized product experiences, through our Dapp we wanted to illustrate what a consumer credit scoring experience could look and feel like.

Here’s how you get your score:

Connect your wallet

  • Visit on your laptop or mobile device
  • Connect your Coinbase, Metamask, WalletConnect address and automatically generate your score!

Understanding your score

Central to our mission of bringing DeFi lending to 1 billion people, is the idea that a credit score must be simple for anyone to understand and interpret. Everyone should know how to improve their score, expanding their access to credit products across web3 and beyond.

We’re on a mission to bring transparency to on-chain credit. Let’s give you a quick tour of the dApp. The main focus is your wallet’s Cred Score in the range: 300 to 1000. We also let you know how that score compares to all of the other active Ethereum accounts.

The ‘Credit Factors’ section of the dApp outlines some of the different components in our scoring model, and provides detailed information about how behavior specific to a wallet has impacted the score. The factors: Length of credit history, new credit, credit mix, payment history, amounts owed, and credit age have a strong basis in traditional credit scoring as being indicative of creditworthiness. These are powerful indicators that web3 lenders focus on, the dApp surfaces that information back to you so that you can understand how your current position is likely to be interpreted. In the near future we will provide even more data-driven insight here to help you further.

The dApp also tailors an IMPROVEMENT FACTOR specific to the connected wallet. The improvement factor provides guidance on activities that will improve your credit score. Sample suggestions include prompts to transact more frequently, interact with a wider variety of protocols or build experience borrowing and repaying defi lending products.

If you implement the suggestions outlined in the dApp then over time, and as a wallet’s behavior develops and changes, you will be able to see a corresponding improvement in the score in YOUR CRED HISTORY. This feature enables you to chart the progress of your credit score over time, and get a feel for how your interactions within DeFI influence your score. Similarly for those using Cred Protocol’s scores, being able to chart the trend of a wallet’s score over time is a powerful indicator of whether a wallet is suitable for a loan or any other product.

Building with Cred Protocol

The DeFi community is beginning to harness the power of credit scoring in many ways. Cred’s scores are already being used to inform lending decisions, qualify access to products and services, prioritize reward and incentives, and contribute to web 3 soul-bound identity tokens. We hope that launching the dApp will inspire others to continue this exploration of the use of credit scoring in web3 and we’re looking forward to seeing what people build!

If this article has motivated you to build using the Cred Protocol credit score, you can join the waiting list for our BETA here.

To find out more about Cred please visit our website, subscribe to our mailing list, or join our community on Discord.

Future work and upcoming posts

Launching the dApp is just one step in our mission to bring Defi lending to 1 billion people. Over the next few months we’ll be improving our core credit scoring model and credit reports with more data, and expanding our capabilities. We are building a risk platform that includes a holistic suite of products from Fraud Recognition, Credit Monitoring & Portfolio Management, and Protocol Credit Rating.

If you want to hear from us on a specific topic please tweet us @cred_protocol.



Cred Protocol

Cred Protocol is a decentralized credit score that quantifies on-chain lending risk at scale using open, fair and transparent blockchain data.